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These Terms are applied from: May 15, 2022

Article 1 General

These Terms and Conditions specify the rights, obligations and responsibilities of "members" (definitions),For purposes of purpose.

Article 2 Terms and Change of Terms and Changes

The Company publishes the contents of this Terms and a service to the initial screen so that they can use services and members easily.

The Company publishes the contents of this Terms and a service to the initial screen so that they can use services and members easily.

The company can revise these terms in a range that does not violate the laws, electronic documents, and electronic financial transactions such as the laws, electronic documentation laws, and electronic financial transactions such as the laws of the Act on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce, and so on.

The Company publishes the contents of these Terms and Conditions on the initial screen to make the membership easily and the membership. If the Company revises the terms, the application of the application date and amendment is applied to the current Terms and ConditionsBe notified until the date of application date before work.However, in the case of amendments to the membership of the Advanced Terms, it is known in the method of above 1, placing more than a grace period at least 30 days of the enforcement date.

If you am amending the Terms and Conditions, the revised Terms will apply only to the agreement that is fastened after the application date and the agreement that has already been qualified before the agreement is applied.

If the company is notified if the Company does not show the rejected doctor until 7 days after the Revision of the Revision of the Revision and the Revision of the Revised Terms and Conditions,I think members have agreed to the amendments.

Interpretation of Article 3 Terms and Conditions

The Company may operate a separate operating policy in addition to the terms and conditions.

About these Terms and Conditions and the analysis of these Terms and Conditions, the laws of the Act on the Act on Information and Protection of Information Network Usage and Information Protection, etc., laws on the regulation of the laws and conditions of consumer protection in e-commerce, and other related laws and regulations.

Article 4 Definition

The definitions used in this Terms are:

- Services: Services that generate objects that the members want to sell through the Website and Applications (Applications, Apps), including the provided by the Company (application, app), and sells the objects that you want to sell and sell and enable Member NFT purchases.By the degree of stimilization and related platforms.

- Members: Sign a contract with the Company and the service that the company provides according to these Terms and Conditions.

- NFT: The service provided by the company means that digital art, digitized real art, music, video, and copyright, etc. are issued as an electronic subject that has a unique property value generated on the block chain ("Service Usage Guide"The same means as "NFT work").

- Generation: Creating NFT information by registering NFT information through services ("Generation Services", which is a source that can generate NFT, digital art, digitized real art, music, video, copyright, etc.("Service Usage Guide" is the same as "issue")

- Constructor: The NFT means the person who created the NFT.The generated NFT is a principle that can not be changed unless the constructor's consent.

- Seller: Sales of the company provided by the company ('Sales / Auction') refers to members who have registered NFT sales to the service to match the form provided by the company to sell their own NFT.The sales method provided by the company is limited to 'purchase / auction' and will diversify the way in the future.

- Buyer: Services provided by the company to display the doctor to purchase the seller's NFT to provide the NFT from the seller through the service.

- Bid: To purchase NFT, it refers to the behavior that displays the purchasing doctor in a way that submits the desired purchase price through the service.

- WARNING: By bid, NFT transactions are established.

- Auction: The best price bidding of the bidders is a sales method that has been awarded.The service is marked as a 'auction'.

- Sales: Sales mediation of the service says the seller sells NFT to the buyer.

- Payment Services: The Company refers to the payment service and / or related supplementary services that are provided for the transmission of the 'billing token', which is a means of mutual NFT transactions.The payment token on this service is currently an Ethereum, and a different payment token may be added in the future.

- Direct Deals: The seller and buyer do not through the service, means to send and receive money or virtual assets for the transfer of NFT ownership directly.

- Nickname: For service use, members agreed to these Terms and Privacy Policy, and refers to the unique identification name (combination of characters and numbers) of the members collected by the Company.

- Blockchain: Distributed to the electronic block with data in the electronic block, as a sequential linkage, such as a chain, as a chain, as a chain, records the transaction history to a book that can be viewed, and replicates it to each computer that has participated in the network,Data storage method.

- Smart Contrette: A block of code that is written in a program that is operable as a program on a block chain.

- Service Fee: The basic service and supplementary service fee provided through the service.

- Digital Assets: Services through the service, which means that the storage means, the exchange of values, which is the parameters of the exchange, including coins, tokens, and NFTs, including all data.

- Account address: Services refer to a unique identification address that exists on a block chain to record changes in digital assets between members.

- The meaning of the terms of these terms not defined in the above-mentioned variety is subject to general transaction practices.

Article 5 Generation, Sales and Payment of Properties and Purpose

- The creation service is that the Company provides the ability to create and manage NFTs directly.However, the company does not operate or not operate or commissioned NFT creation or management in addition to providing creation services.

- The sales service is to provide an online transaction place (Marketplace) so that NFT transactions can be made between members' self-determination by their own self-determination, and payment services are safe and convenient billing tokens in NFT transactions between membershipThis is to provide a means for this.Responsibility related to membership transactions will be borne by the transaction parties.

- The use of digital assets and management, meta-mask authentication software and related / in-market (see Meta Mask Terms of Service), which are required to use this service, followed by the terms of the service, and the corresponding software and related /There is a backup and storage obligation to service data.In addition, the Company shall not be responsible for liability for damages caused by the corresponding software and related / in-service data losses caused by members of members.

- Bids that have been made as a buyer can not be withdrawn. In the case of NFT transactions through bids, other buyers are considered to be a bidding contract with the seller with a bidding contract with the vendor before bidding with a bid value that exceeds the bidding presentation amount of the member.Therefore, if a bid is made, there is no lesson with the seller's consent.

Article 6 Contract Contract

- The agreement will be a member who wants to become a member (hereinafter referred to as "subscription applicants") agree on the contents of the terms provided by the company, and then apply to the following procedure, and apply for subscribers,It's possible.

- The company may not be acceptable if there is a reason for the applicant to the subscription applicant to the subscription applicant, and if the reason for each issue, after the subscription, canceled or use the agreementThere is.

- If this Agreement has previously lost membership qualifications

- If you use a name or other name of a non-real name

- If you are not providing false or incorrect information, or if your company does not provide the request

- If you are not approved by the reason for the reasons for the subscription applicant

- If you want to use the service for negative purposes or separate operating purposes

- If you apply for the purpose of violation of the relevant laws or by the conventional order of society or to inhibit the conventional order of society

- If the Contracting Party is a foreigner or a minor in a certain country that restricts the use of services

- If you have been violated by other these Terms or a discipline or an unreasonable application, or if a company is to be required by a reasonable judgment

- When the establishment of the agreement is the time to which the company is completed by the Company to display the completion of the account on the Process or Service screen, or the company notifies the member via email.

- The Company may request a real name verification or identification through a professional organization, or by a professional institution in order to confirm whether a member provided information is consistent with the fact.

Article 7 Contract

- Members can apply for a terms of use through Customer Center, etc., and the company will immediately handle it according to what related laws are set.However, the member must complete all the purchases or sales procedures in progress before notifying the termination of the termination, or withdrawing the sales doctor, or canceling the purchase or sales procedure in progress.If the dismantee occurs due to withdrawal or cancellation, and termination, members will bear this.The disadvantage that the member applies for the terms of use without following the following procedure, and the disadvantage that occurred is burdensome.

- In order for members to terminate the agreement, there must be no NFT for sale.If the NFT is available through the services provided by the company, the termination of the use contract is available if there is a bidding for the NFT, and if there is no bidding, there is a possible withdrawal of sales.

- In order for members to terminate the use of the Member, the member must complete the transfer procedure for the NFT completed, and if there is a bid member, the termination of the use contract can be revoked after completing the sales procedure.

- Membership can be terminated at any time without the NFT creation and not on the sales.

- If a member participated in a bid to purchase an NFT, the member is unusual to terminate the agreement before the bidding.However, if there are other best bid members after the membership of the member, the member must revoke the return of the bid amount in his own meta-mask wallet and then terminate it.

- The company does not refund the NFT if the member terminates the use of the NFT after the NFT purchase.

- Members who have been terminated by the convenience depending on the preceding paragraph can be rejected as a member according to the membership and related provisions.However, if the member reignment application is made up of negative purposes such as specific event redundant participation, the company can restrict the rape during a period of time.

- The Company may terminate the use of membership, or restrict the use of membership, or restrict service use if the following reasons arise.

- If you violate this Terms and Conditions

- If the member is the content of Article 12 (3), if you have created or tried a transaction that generates an NFT

- If the member is infringing the company, other members, others' rights, honor, and credit otherwise

- Involving illegal communications and hacking, malicious programs, such as the provision of illegal programs that violate the copyright law, promoting information and communication, and violation of the laws that violate information, etc.

- If a member is interfering with the operation of the service provided by the company, such as direct trading and direct trading involvement

- If you are using the data collected by your company

- If the Court, the Court, the Copyright Committee, etc., whether to infringe the copyright of others, such as the Court, the Copyright Committee, or the Company, infringes the copyright of others

- There are other operational policies, user guides or laws that violate or infringe the rights of others, or have a significant reason to suspect such illegal and unreasonable actions

- If other companies need to reject the provision of the service in accordance with reasonable judgment

- All benefits that have been acquired through the use of the service are disappeared by the use of the service according to the passage, and the company can cancel the sales associated with that member without notice.The company does not compensate for this separately.

- If the termination of the use of the contract is complete, all the information of the member excluding the information that the company must hold in accordance with the relevant laws and privacy policy.

- Despite the preceding paragraph, in conjunction with the Company shall, if the company terminates the use of the Company, the company can keep the information of the member for a certain period of time, and after that period, after that period,Delete.

Article 8 Member Information Management

- Members can view and edit their personal information at any time through the service. However, some information required for service management is not modified.

- The Company shall be considered a member of the user without a separate verification procedure that uses login and service through the meta-mask authentication method registered by the member.

- Members must notify the Company immediately if you have lost or published account access information, or that you have been published to a third party.In this case, the company immediately takes action such as stopping accounts, and the company is not responsible for the damages that do not notify the company to notify the company.

- Members should not offer their accounts as sales, transfer, rental, or collateral, or use them to others. Membership is responsible for safe information and methods necessary for access to membership accounts, including authentication using meta-masks, including authentication using meta-masks, so that others are not accessed to the account of members.

- The company's access information is lost, stealing, or unveiled, and the company does not respond to the liability for damages that occurred to members.However, if the company is due to the company's high or fruit, it is not.

- The Company may have a nickname of a member, such that there is a possibility of personal information leakage, or misunderstanding with other people, not a member, or to violate the rights of a third party, or violate the rights of a third party,If you have, you can limit the use of the nickname.In addition, the company also allows the company to restrict the use of the nickname if the company recognizes that the company is needed by a reasonable judgment.

Article 9 Protection of personal information

The Company strives to protect the personal information of the member, as defined by the Act on the Act on Information and Protection, and the Act on Information Protection, and Privacy Act.For protection and use of personal information, the privacy policy of the relevant laws and companies will be applied.However, the company's personal information processing policies are not applied on screens and others linked to the outside other than the screen provided by the company.

Article 10 Service and System Provision

- The Company can specify the scope, available time and number of times in providing services and systems, and members can use the service according to the services provided by the company.

- The company can temporarily interrupt the provision of services if there is a repair / replacement, failure, communication, or operational reasonable reason for the payment of informational networks, communication, or operational rationality.In this case, the company notifies membership by the method according to Article 20.However, if the company has an unavoidable reason for notifying advance, it can notify the post.

- The company can temporarily interrupt the provision of services if there is a repair / replacement, failure, communication, or operational reasonable reason for the payment of informational networks, communication, or operational rationality.In this case, the company notifies membership by the method according to Article 20.However, if the company has an unavoidable reason for notifying advance, it can notify the post.

- Members are responsible for the accuracy of information, such as NFT generation, sales, payment, etc., and the accuracy of the information that has been enrolled or registered.

- As a result of a disability or inspection, such as a disability or inspection, such as a service, such as a disability or inspection, the company is not responsible for any issue of the company.In this case, the company notifies members of the facts in Article 20's way.

Article 11 Service and System Provision

- If the company has reasonable reasons that there is a reasonable reason for the following cases or there are reasonable reasons, you can change all or some services that are available for operational, technical needs.

- If the company is needed to provide reliable service, the content, operational, technical management, or change or manage management

- In case of illegal behavior using service

- If you have a reason for a repair of information, such as a computer such as a computer, replacement of equipment, replacement of equipment

- If there is an affiliate due to maintenance such as facilities for service

- If there is a disruption of normal services, such as a disability or a congestion of power failure, a disability or a use of usage, or if there is a range of network failure

- If you have a member of the company in the company's operating policy

- If you have an unavoidable circumstances that can not provide services due to management reasons, etc.

- Other genius areas, national emergencies, if there is an inevitable cause, such as regulations or restrictions on each country's laws / policies

- If there is a change in the content, how to use, and use of the service, the contents of the service, the contents of the service to be changed, and the date and time, etc. are pre-notified by the method in accordance with Article 20.However, if the company is not a notice or notification for members due to reason or emergency reasons that the company can not control, it can be notified after changing the service.

- The Company can modify, stop, change the needs of the company's policy and operations, and members of the company, if they do not agree to change the service, and may terminate the use of the DIFI.The Company shall not be responsible for any of the company's high or fruits for the problem of changes to this service, and problems arising from interruption.

Article 12 Using NFT Generation Services

- The NFT generation service provided by the company is to create an NFT that is handled on a block chain, such as meta-mask, including a block chain, and the type and content of a detailed service may be changed.The Company is announced by the "Service User Guide" for the creation procedure and method, and the member must understand that the Company shall be fully understood by the Company to understand and use NFT generation services.The Company shall not be responsible for the issue of the company, which does not sufficiently not fully understand the relevant matters.

- The Company can establish a separate eligibility requirement for only the specified members of the specified members, and the specified member can access the NFT generation service through the way that the company provides meta-mask authentication.

- If the Company directly recognizes the fact that the member generated the NFT, including the contents of the following, the company is recognized as a report of a third party, or if the company's confirmation and review results, the NFT is not exposed without exposing NFTYou can request incineration for the incineration, and depending on the 18 trillion, you can terminate the restriction of the sales service, the suspension of the membership, or the contract.

- What can be caused by scavenging, injection, silver, etc.

- Region, disability, racial, national, sex, age, job, religion, etc.

- PR for illegal pursuing, gambling related content, illegal products, or selling sales in the Internet, or implies them

- Contents of violation of other people's intellectual property (patents, trademark, copyright, etc.)

- Interpreted as investment products or implanted investment products

- Contents to help motivate and run for illegal behavior

- Implementation of implications for specific figures or services

- When the company is judged

- If the NFT is blocked or deleted in accordance with the preceding paragraphs, and the sale is canceled or stopped, the amount of block body used for the generation and sales service is not refunded, and the NFT constructor is also blocked or deleted by the NFT constructorIt is responsible for the acceptance of the civilized thought property caused by the light.

- The Company provides technologies to easily create and manage NFTs to create and manage NFTs directly, and do not operate or operate NFT generation and management of Membership NFT.

- The constructor has a guarantee and duty for the NFT, and the purpose of the NFT, and the duty of the purpose, and the company shall not be responsible for any warranty for the NFT generated by the member.

Article 13 Using Sales Services

- The sales service provided by the company has a general auction, and the type of service and the contents may change.Members must fully understand the sales of sales characteristics, procedures, and winning methods, such as the service screen, and the sales service should be used for sales services.

- Members can use sales services through the way companies offer meta-mask certifications.However, if the company is specified, a separate eligibility requirement can be set, which can be a seller, and the company announces the conditions such as the qualification requirements to a service screen or email.

- Using the sales service, the sale of the bus fee and the platform service fee, such as the suspension of the NFT, the seller must be borne by the seller.However, for the convenience of service, the company can provide the seller to the seller of the Platform Use Fee and the Constructor Royalty (Creatier) through the Payment Services after the winning bids.

- Using the sales service, a block body that takes when bidding NFT (GAS FEE) must be borne by a bidder or buyer.

- If the member deals with NFT through the sales service, you must complete the transaction through the sales service provided by the company.The company is not responsible for the issue that occurred due to direct direct direct directory.

- The seller is responsible for the sales information provided by the seller.

- Because the company is a brokerage company, it is not the subject of tax processing, and does not provide consultation related to taxes.The income tax, such as income taxes that can occur with NFT transactions, must be processed after the member is directly confirmed.

- For the safety and reliability of the transaction through the sales service, the Company may suspend membership according to Article 7 (3) of these Terms and Conditions 7 (3), or may take the necessary measures, such as restricting the use of the Members's sales service.Membership qualified members may be limited to service use.If the company stops membership, restriction of restrictions, other necessary measures, if to take other necessary measures, the company notifies the membership of the service screen or email, and other methods, unless otherwise specified in these terms,If this is an unavoidable case, such as a shame or urgent, you can notify you after line action.The restriction of the sales service limitations and memberships can be paused or permanent, and if the member submits the referee, it can resolve this if the company will meet the criteria.

- At the time of member reinution, the service such as the service utilization limit and the transfer of the previously imposed on the previously applied is maintained.

- If the sales service is not completed for a limited member, the company can prevent the Company from being exposed to the NFT for purchasing to protect the buyer.If there are a member of the previous bid, the limited number of sales services should be limited to the contents of Section 7 (1) to take the necessary measures to protect the buyer.If NFT is found to be inadequate on sale, the limited number of sales services will be responsible for the liability of the buyer's damages.In this case, the company may provide some information on a member that has been restricted to the parties in which they are damaged.

Article 14 Using the purchase service

- If the best bid is made in a regular auction, the digital asset used for the previous best bid is immediately returned to the previous bidder.

- Members who bid up the highest prices of bidding systems such as the above-mentioned bidding system can not withdraw bids.This is also the same if you have a bid in your entirety.

- Using the sales service, the bidder must be paid to the block chain when the NFT product bid.In accordance with Article 14 (1), the best is not returned if the best bid is not corresponding to the bid.

Article 15 of the Association and Warranty

- The company does not provide a member of the NFT, as it provides an online transaction place for mutual transactions as a communications sales agent.In addition, any act of the company is not regarded as a vendor to the seller or buyer.

- The Company shall, in relation to the sales service through the sales service, the information on the site of the sales physician or purchasing doctor, the values of the physician, the value, the value, completeness, safety, legality, and the rights of NFT,Through the information, it is not guaranteed to all over the truth of the data published in the linked URL, and the risk and responsibility for this will be borne by the NFT trading party.

- The Company does not control or manage all information such as NFT descriptions published by members.However, if the contents of the information published by the member published by the membership of others, the service is judged to infringe the rights, or the above status, can take the exposable exposures, cancellation, suspend, and other necessary measures.

Article 16 Use of Payment Services

- The Company provides billing services consisting of payment tokens used for NFT transactions and NFT's receipt, temporary storage and remittance.These payment services are provided for the purpose of planning the safety and reliability of transactions between members through mediation services and to protect the transaction parties.The Company is a member of the Member, which supports NFT transactions, payment token payments and runs of smart controls that have been receiving, and not to agree on, agency or subsidiary, or assisting its implementation.

- If you are explicitly inducing a direct direct to the NFT that does not allow the NFT that does not allow a member's direct, the company can take the necessary action, such as canceling the transaction, and stopping sales.

- Company shall not be responsible for trading that did not use the payment service provided by the company.

- If the company is misuse, it is misuse, abusing, or if the company may infringe or infringe or infringe or infringe, or if the company is difficult to provide payment services, the company does not provide some or all of the payment servicesYou can limit your use.

Article 17 Service Service Fee

- Members must pay the fee listed in the following services fee table when using the service:Service fees are specified in the service screen or utility of those who pay this.

- The service utilization fee adjustment is noted at least 14 days before the company's discretion, and the company is changing the fee (rate), in the way according to Article 20.

- If the member does not agree to the fee (rate) change, the terms of this Agreement may be terminated in accordance with Article 7 of this Terms and Conditions.If you do not display it, I think you have agreed to change.

- If the company corresponds to a specific condition, the service fee can be set by consultation with the membership.

Article 18 Service Usage

- The Company may limit the use of services according to the following formulation standards for seamless service.The use restrictions may be made phased by the company's reasonable judgment, causing warnings, stop, permanent use stop, termination of use agreement.

- If the use of services according to the preceding paragraphs, the terms of service and membership may be applied according to these Terms and Conditions.

- The Company shall that the terms and details of the restriction within the use of this article and the details of the limitations are set for the company in operation policies, usage guidance.However, if not specified, we comply with common sense and conventions of common online services.

- In accordance with this section, the company notifies the member in the way according to Article 20.

- Members can apply for this on the platform, depending on the procedure set by the company for the use of this article, etc. on the platform.If the company recognizes that the company recognizes, the company resumes the use of services of the member immediately.

- The restriction according to this section does not affect the claim for the company's membership, and the company can take advantage of the company that links to the judicial response of the investigator if necessary.

Article 19 Using the Board

- The Company can operate a bulletin board that allows members to share knowledge on a service homepage, or allow members with constant qualifications to operate them.All responsibilities such as the copyright infringement due to the post, and all responsibilities on the criminal are all responsible for the post, and the company is not responsible for this.

- The copyright of the posts registered with the company's bulletin board belongs to the members who created the post unless in violating the rights of the third party.However, the company has permanent rights in the following scope for posts written in legitimate procedures and methods.However, the company stops using it immediately if the company requested deletion and disabling of the post by the member who written the post.

- Rights to use, edit, store, replicate, edit, disclose, edit, store, replicate, modify, disclose, transport, publicity, public publications,

- Secretary of authorization and distribution of posting posts

- For the purpose of promoting the service, the right to display the contents of the post, etc.

- The Company will prohibit the writing of the posts, including one of the following, to delete the posts without prior notice, restrict the post, restrict reading, or to stop adding the posting of the author's posts, or depriving membership qualifications.

- Contents that are violated in public orchards

- Publishing of illegal, pornography, or youth oil medium, publishes, registration, or promotion of related items, site links

- Including the rights of others, privacy, honor, and credit otherwise infringement

- If you include content related to criminal activity

- If you include false or exaggerated advertising content

- Including contents that cause politics and economic disputes

- If you encounter a malfunction of the information and communication facility, or contain computer viruses or data that causes confusion

- When inducing NFT directing

- If you are determined that your company's service or other sales behavior interferes

- NFT is interpreted as an investment product or implanted investment products

- If you include other these Terms or a violation of the relevant laws of the Republic of Korea

- Members can address their posts on their blogs or personal homepages in limits that meet the purpose of the service to the purpose.In this case, the post that the published post (URL, etc.) is displayed and displays a link that illuminates the source, and you can not make any changes to the identity of the post.However, if a company or a copyright holder is required, the member must immediately delete the post that the member is filed.Members can not link to other commercial websites on other commercial websites from the posting posts (such as URLs) in the post (URL, etc.).

- After the service usage agreement is terminated, the rights of the company will be done within the purpose range specified in the purpose, such as the operation improvement, improvement, and promotion of the service.

Article 20 Notification of Member

- If the company notifies the member, it may be posted on a service screen unless otherwise noted for this Terms and Conditions, or a member provided by an e-mail address provided by membership.

- If the company notifies the entire member, it can be posted in the notification of the precautions by publishing to the bulletin board for more than 7 days.

Article 21 Copyright

- The copyright of the service and related programs provided by the company is to the company.

- Members should not infringe with the copyright of the company or third party when using the service.

- The company does not have copyright not yet available for NFTs related to service use.However, it has exhibits and distribution rights for NFTs used for services in the range for seamless service provisioning.

- In addition to the rights specified in Paragraph 4, the Company shall not be responsible for any issues related to the NFT related to the NFT related to the service use (copyright, consent authority, the secondary work, etc., etc.) related to the NFT related to the service use.

Article 22 Limit Limited

- If a member has caused a member for the following reasons, it is not responsible for that damage if it is not due to the company's high or fruit.

- If you can not provide services due to a genius or a national emergency

- If the service is disabled due to compliance with government agencies, orders for legal administrative dispositions and commands,

- Services failure due to disorders or reasons for disabilities or members of the blockchain platform

- If a server failure occurs due to an increase in instantaneous service connection

- If the member was identified, it is confirmed that the information such as information, data, the trust, accuracy, and completeness of the facts, etc.

- If you do not use the services provided by the company, such as direct deals, such as membership or members and third party mutual transactions, etc.

- If you have a contract, you have a loss, such as a member's negligence and a perpetrator, such as depositing digital assets to an invalid account address

- If the price varies of the price of digital assets

- For the problem, if the company and the membership between companies and members are not done, contracts, or the issue that arise from the scope of the agreement / contract

- Damage caused by the use of these Terms and Conditions

- The Company shall not be liable for members who do not get the benefits they expect by using the service.

- The Company does not have a direct contract or warranty in any of the issues that are not specified in this Agreement in relation to the service within the legislation.In addition, the company does not guarantee the value of digital assets such as NFT generated through services.

- The company does not guarantee all digital asset value related to services, including digital assets used in payment services.

- If the Company is not due to the company's high or fruit of the company, the company is not responsible for damages if the NFT generated by the service is infringed.

Article 23 Conducting Damage

- The Company does not make any concrete commitments or warranties for any specific issues not specified in this Agreement in relation to the service within the legislation.In addition, the company does not guarantee the information, data, fact reliability, accuracy, and accuracy of the service, etc., and is not responsible for the liability of members who occurred without the company's fruits.

- If the company causes members to be damaged due to the entity of the company, the Company shall compensate for membership depending on the Terms and Conditions and Relations.However, the company is not responsible for the following liaison for the following losses that occurred without the company's fruit.In addition, the company is not responsible for indirect damages, special damages, consequential damages, disciplinary damages, and punitive damage within the legal acceptable limits.

- Damage caused by a genius or augmented state

- If the service is disabled for the reasons for the members of the member

- Personal damages that are generated in connection or use of services

- A third party is illegally damaged by connecting to the company's server or using the server

- Damage caused by a third party to interfere with the transmission of the company server or transmission from the company server

- Damage caused by a third party by sending or distributing malicious programs

- Donation caused by other or fruitless reasons for other companies

- Despite the preceding paragraphs, if any of the following arises, members can bear all or some of their responsibilities.

- Despite the fact that the member was causing or damaging the cause of damages, it has not been notified immediately to the company

- If a member leaks accounts and transaction information to a third party with a high or error

- If the information provided by the company is different from the fact

- If a member hindered the company's service or related system operations, it causes the company damages to the company through the laws of law, the Terms and Conditions, and the social order

Article 24 Claims and Journal

- The lawsuits and members who have raised the company are applicable to the Republic of Korea.

- A lawsuit on disputes arising between companies and members arise in the Civil Procedure Act.

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How do I create an NFT?

Click [Create] and choose your file to upload. We currently support JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, MP4, MP3, MPEG, AVI, WAV, and SVG. Please note that your NFT cannot be changed or revised once created. To create a revised/new NFT, you will have to start the process again.

How do I buy an NFT?

For NFTs with a fixed price, click the [Buy] button on the product page and complete the transaction. Once the transaction is successful, we will transfer the NFT to your wallet and the seller will receive the funds. For NFTs on auction, click [Make an offer], place your bid price, and confirm the offer. In the event of someone placing a higher bid than you, your funds will be unlocked. To join the auction again, you’ll have to place a new bid.

How do I sell an NFT?

To list an NFT for sale, our team will first of all approve the content to make sure it’s appropriate for listing. This process usually takes 4-8 hours. Upon successful approval, your NFT will list immediately on the Marketplace as either an auction or fixed price sale, according to your preference. Alternatively, you can also choose to list your NFT at a fixed time (with a minimum of 12 hours after approval).

What is a non-fungible token?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a cryptographic token that represents a unique asset. They function as verifiable proofs of authenticity and ownership within a blockchain network. NFTs are not interchangeable with each other and introduce scarcity to the digital world.

Create and sell NFTs

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