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Last updated: May 15, 2022

THE PASTEL (here in after referred to as the "Company") considers the personal information provided by members (hereinafter referred to as "Users") who use the "Service" very important to use the stepping stone service (hereinafter "Service") provided by the Company. Establish and strictly comply with the information handling policy The company's personal information handling policy complies with the relevant laws and regulations and the personal information protection guidelines established by the Ministry of Information and Communication We are doing our best to protect users' information. The contents of the personal information processing policy may be changed to change laws and government guidelines and to provide better service. The company can easily view and check this personal information processing policy at any time We are making it public for you.

Article 1. Purpose of collection and use of personal information and items

The company collects only the minimum amount of personal information to the extent necessary to sign up for and provide the “service” for the following purposes, and the collected personal information is not used for any other purpose. If the purpose of use is changed or used for other than the purpose of collection, separate consent is obtained from the user. The information collected in this way may or may not correspond to personal information depending on whether it is linked to personal information, etc. The items of personal information collected by the “Service” and the purpose of collection and use are as follows.

How we collect personal information
"Service" collects personal information in the following ways:

- NFT: The service provided by the company means that digital art, digitized real art, music, video, and copyright, etc. are issued as an electronic subject that has a unique property value generated on the block chain ("Service Usage Guide"The same means as "NFT work").

- In the course of service, if the user agrees to collect personal information and provide information

- If you have a service user's voluntary offer during a member

- If the service user consults through customer support services

- If the service user participates in the events and events

- In the process of using the service, information about the user is generated and collected in a method of automating

Article 2 Retention and Usage of Personal Information

In principle, after personal information collection and use purposes have been achieved, the information is destroyed directly.However, if this privacy process is set differently in the policy, the personal information collected is preserved for the period of time when it is given a certain period of time in the statute.

- Personal Information Storage Period Get User's Consent

- Membership management, such as membership, dispute and complaints, etc.
-- Name, mobile phone number, internal / foreign information, date of birth, gender, personal identification information (CI), redundant subscription information (DI)
-- Storage until Member Withdrawal

- Provides services such as identification, user information management, and delivery of announcement
-- Profile image, nickname, email
-- Storage until Member Withdrawal

- Provide NFT transaction services
-- Purse address of users, NFT sales ∙ Bidding ∙ Purchase information
-- In principle, if you have permanent archives, unused violations, and user requests,

- Services improvement for service stability and service use history and statistical analysis
-- Access logs, IP information, cookies, bad, unification
-- Dispatched after 3 years from the time of collection to prevent unacceptable use
**Negative use: Terms of Service, Company and User, or a method of violation of the Terms of Service or the Public Public Transfer, or a way to infringe the rights or profits of other companies, users or others.

- Provide event promotion information and marketing ∙ advertising
-- e-mail
-- Collection and use of events, promotions, etc.

- Storage of personal information according to related laws

- The company is disconnected after a five-year after notice of prior notice of long-term service immigrants that do not use services for a year, depending on the Legislation and Personal Information Expiration.

Article 3 Providing Personal Information Processing Third Party

The Company does not provide the third party to the third party with the scope of personal information for processing purposes.However, in the following cases, you can provide it to a third party.

- If you are consent from users

- If you have special regulations in other laws

- In accordance with the procedures and methods of investigation and investigation

Article 4 Consigning Personal Information Processing Third Party Charging

The company does not provide personal information outside without prior consent of the user.The company is committed to collecting, holding, handling, etc., in the purpose of using the user's personal information to facilitate the use of the user's personal information, such as providing better service and provider's convenience.In this case, according to the applicant, the user will notify the user in advance on the provision of the third party for personal information and consent.If you have not agreed, you will not be able to provide personal information, such as affiliate, and you can withdraw your information delivery even after consent.If the contents of the commissioning task or the trustee change will be released through this personal information processing policy without delay.

- If you are consent from users

- Personal Information Consignment

- Commendant : Amazon Web Services, Inc
Purpose of personal information purposes: Data archiving and infrastructure management
Duration: Achieving the purpose of use or until the termination of the consignment contract
Personal information provided: Personal information and log information collected during service use

Article 5 Destruction of personal information

- The company destroys personal information without delay when personal information is unnecessary, such as the retention and use of personal information and achieving processing purpose, and the privacy procedures and methods are as follows.

- Electronic file: Permanent deletion in a way that is not restored

- Print, written, other recording medium: crushing or incineration

- If you have passed by the statute, or if you have passed by the statute, you should continue to keep your personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations, even if you have passed by the consent of the authorized personal information or the purpose of processing.Preserve.

Article 6 Technical and Administrative Measures to Protect Personal Information

The Company is making the following technical and administrative measures to ensure safety, stolen, spill, modulation or damage in handling users' personal information.

- Technical Action: The Company is taking the following measures to ensure that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, modulated or damaged for personal information in handling the user's personal information.

- Administrative management and access control system installation such as personal information processing system

- Encryption of personal information

- Installing an intrusion prevention system for external intrusions such as hacking

- Administrative Action: The Company restricts access to the user's personal information to a minimum person.Those who correspond to the minimum personnel are:

- If you are performing a marketing work by directly

- If you are performing personal information management tasks such as personal information management officers and contacts

- Other business personal information is inevitable

* We are conducting regular in-house education and external charging education on new security technology acquisition and personal information protection for employees who treat personal information.

Article 7 Usage of User's Rights, Obligation and Events

- Users can exercise rights such as personal information and correction, deletion, processing stop requests at any time.However, according to the privacy laws of the Privacy Act, the rights of the user's personal information, correction, deletion, processing stop request, etc. may be limited.

- The user's rights event can be through e-mail, and the company will measure the company without delay.

- If the personal information is specified in other statutes in the request of the personal information, the information may not be deleted, despite the user's needs.

- The Company identifies whether a person is a legal representative, such as the request of the request, the request of the request, the request of the request, the request of correction, deletion, and the request of the processing stop.If you are not confirmed whether you are and a legal agent, the company can be associated with the need for information processing.

- The user can make a contribution to the company when disopcessed against the rejection of the rights of the right, and the company will measure it without delay.

Article 8 Personal Information Installation of automatic service equipment.

The Company uses a cookie (cookie) that stores usage information to provide individual customized services to the user and from time to time.Cookies are a small amount of information that the website sends to the customer's computer browser (Internet Explorer, etc.).

- Purpose of Cookies: The use of the cookie to store the preferred settings, etc., to support the user's favorite web environment, and use it to improve service for convenient use.This allows users to easily use services.

- Cookie installation. Operation and reject: Users have options for cookie installations, and you can reject or delete these cookies at any time through the following methods.

- How to reject cookie settings

- Internet Explorer : Select Tools menu> Select Internet Options> Privacy tab Click> Advanced Privacy Settings> Cookie Level Settings

- Chrome : Select Settings menu> Select Advanced Settings> Select Personal Information and Security> Content Settings> Cookie Level Settings

- Safari : Select Preferences Menu> Select Privacy Tab> Cookie and Web Site Data Level Settings

- FireFox: Select Tools Menu> Select Preferences Menu> Select Personal Information and Security Tabs> Content Blocking Settings

- Opera: Select Tools menu> Select Settings menu> Protect your Privacy and Security tab> Set Cookie Levels

* However, if you refuse to save cookies, you may experience difficulty in using customized services.

Article 9 Privacy Officer and Personnel

- The Company is designating the relevant departments and privacy officers as follows to protect the user's personal information and handle complaints related to personal information.

- All personal information protection related to the user using the company's service and can be in contact with the Privacy Officer and the Department of Privacy.We will do our best to give you a sufficient answer to your inquiries.

Article 10 Responsibility for Links Site

The company can provide users with links to other external sites.In this case, since the company has no control over the external site, the user can not be responsible for the usefulness, truthfulness, legitimacy of services, data provided by external sites, and the privacy policy of linked external sites is independent of the companyPlease check the policy of the external site.

Article 11 Change Personal Information Processing Policy

This personal information processing policy is applied from the implementation date, and if there is an additional, deletion and correction of changes according to the statute and policy, the notice of the company's site (or by email)It is scheduled to do.However, when there is an important change in user rights, such as collecting and utilization of personal information, providing a third party, it is notified at least 30 days before.

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